Week Long WOOD-FIRING Workshop!

Join Noelle and Eric with their crew, Will, Emma, Carly and Adrien for a week long journey into wood-firing. Dive into the flame and magic of an atmospheric firing while being guided by a group of acclaimed artists.

Our kiln is a Manabigama that was designed by Bill vanGilder and John Thies. Bill is Noelle and Eric’s pottery mentor who has encouraged them since day one…over 25 years ago. Bill vanGilder came to Vermont and built the kiln with the ZPOTS fam fam.


Sweet end of summer…September 1-7

Fiery fall foliage…October 20-26

Harvest time…November 17-23


$3500 per participant

a deposit of $1500 is due now to reserve your spot! The remaining balance of $2000 is due 30 days prior to the workshop.

There will be room for 3 participants in each workshop. You will stay at our airbnb, the “River House”, and have a private room with plenty of space to relax while enjoying the riverfront property. The house is equipped with everything you may need including a fantastic kitchen to cook in, a game room, an office nook, pool table, and large TV…

What to bring:

Your POTS! CONE10 ONLY bisque-ware (if you have questions of what this means please feel free to contact us)…

Please be sure of your clay body. We recommend wood-firing mixes from Laguna, Highwater and Standard.

Everything else is taken care of! We have all you need to succeed here at the studio.

There is plenty of room in the kiln for lots of pots, though be mindful you will be sharing the space with at least two others. A couple dozen cups and mugs, a dozen bowls, handful of larger pieces and a bunch of small kiln fillers like bud vases and mini bowls would be perfect! Plates have a tendency to warp so fire flatware at your own risk. You are welcome to ship us boxes of your pots prior to the workshop. They must arrive PRIOR to the workshop to be ready for glazing on the day you arrive.

We will have glazes for you to choose from here at the studio. Provided will be well loved wood-firing standards and customs mixes for you to explore and discover.

What the week will look like:

Sunday - Arrival and jump right in! Let’s glaze and enjoy a welcome dinner provided by the hosts.

Monday - Glaze and load all day. The door will be bricked up and ready to go by evening.

Tuesday - FIRE! A firing takes anywhere between 10-18 hours. LONG DAY! We will all take shifts firing and enjoy a potluck dinner in the kiln yard that evening while firing.

Wednesday and Thursday - OFF DAYS* Explore Vermont and relax in the River House while the kiln cools. Tour guides are available for an extra fee and recommendations are FREE! Hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, waterfalls, shopping, the best food, art galleries…we got it ALL, here in Vermont!

Friday - Unload and marvel at your makings.

Saturday - Tidy up the kiln area and celebrate with an end of workshop dinner provided by the hosts.

Sunday - depart by 11am…

Three things to take note of:

*If you are traveling from afar there is an optional Saturday check in after 3pm for an additional cost of $200 for an extra night’s stay and early opening of the River House.

*If you are a couple both wanting to participate and can sleep in the same room the fee for the 2nd participant is $2200. If you are attending the workshop you must participate in the firing.

*We accept cancellations for a full refund 30 days prior to the workshop. After 30 days there is no refund

We are so excited to offer you this opportunity and share our space and studio! Welcome to ZPOTS!

Price: $1,500.00

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