"Our work is about letting go...of outcome...Our work is about receiving the possibilities of now...

surrender and sip...Our work is about healing...feeling...believing...and knowing we are all in this together...

Our work comes from a centered and intended place spiraling out...dancing and embracing the flavor of

the moment...Our work is about freedom...to grow our gardens...Our work is about the power found inside

of you...the internal...eternal...flame...and that feeling that brings you to your knees...weeping with gratitude

for the opportunity to truly experience...beauty...Our work is about...the heaven within...Our work is..." ~Noelle

Eric Hendrick and Noelle VanHendrick have been creating together for over 20 years. They live and work in Vermont homeschooling their 3 sons and making cups of love and buckets of peace, and so much more, for humanity. Joining them is a fantastic team of artisans and dream weavers that help make it all happen. The pieces are adorned with Noelle’s words and images that gently remind us we belong and we are in this together. The pieces are empowerment and positive. They hold the knowing that each and every one of us is here to love and change the world through that love. Noelle and Eric are an earthly partnership and collaboration that reaches for the heavens and brings it home and here.

ZPOTS is working toward a renewable future, and with this in mind, the electric kilns are powered by solar panels and the Vermont Cow Power program. The electricity is generated by the surrounding Vermont farms.

Noelle and Eric

... Meet our ZPOTTERS ...

Adrien... artisan

"The ZPOTS crew is like family to me. It doesn't even feel like work, it's liberating being with those that honor who you are everyday. Being apart of something bigger than myself and creating change through art...these are precious gifts."

Will... artisan

"I have been with ZPOTS for over 7 years now, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It is such a joy and privilege to work at a place where one is genuinely cared for, with amazing people who feel like family. The pride and dedication everyone takes, and the love we put into these pots is constantly inspiring. I finish each day here feeling not only accomplished, but fulfilled."


"I have loved working with this amazing crew here at ZPOTS ever since I started as an intern back in 2017! Being apart of how ZPOTS are made and processed has shown me how every step is essential in creating beautiful pots for the people."


"ZPOTS has allowed me to grow as an individual and taught me so many unique things. To be able to work in a place that spreads so much positivity and joy to others is amazing."

Grayson...at the ZPOTS shop

"On the surface, ZPOTS is a small family business that creates feel-good products to fill your homes. However, on the inside, ZPOTS has built a strong team of talented artisans and good people. Together we stand to spread the mission of love, healing, and human connection through the simple, yet ritualistic act of eating and drinking."

Noelle...Gal Chief

"ZPOTS has driven me personally...spiritually...to create art that pops up in reality to serve humanity in the most perceived mundane ways that have an everlasting profound and sacred effect. The folks that join me in the studio and at the shop on the mission to create world peace beginning at home and heart are the most glorious, gracious and kind individuals that walk among us here...I am blessed beyond belief to share my moments and create with the folks here at ZPOTS. 

Eric...The Man

"ZPOTS has been an amazing journey for myself and my family. I am super thankful everyday to make pots that bring happiness to the people. We have a fantastic crew that has become family over the years. They are vital to daily production and add a joyful energy to ZPOTS."

David...at the ZPOTS shop

"Working at ZPOTS store has been a fun experience. It's been a pleasure to see some of our customers get so excited that they literally swoon. And I have experienced at first cynical customers quickly transform into ardent shoppers."


"I met Noelle and Eric over 20 years ago when ZPOTS was in its infancy! Lucky me, to have witnessed the dedication, persistence, vision, and growth of ZPOTS from the beginning. I continue to be amazed and inspired by the clarity of their purpose and the creativity of their labors. I love being the "house photographer" and I look forward to documenting the years ahead—filled with spreading peace, comfort, and love through functional handmade pottery!"